Sustainable Plastering Solutions: The Importance for You and The Environment


Environmentally friendly, sustainable plastering and building practices are becoming more commonplace, with many clients and builders opting to utilise building methods that are less harmful to the environment. We’re thinking of the bigger picture when renovating and asking ourselves how our build will impact us and the environment in the future. In this article, we’re sharing why it’s important to consider the environment in your next build or renovation, and explaining why Venetian plaster is the best eco-friendly plastering solution. 


Eco-friendly plastering choice 

Venetian plaster is an excellent eco-friendly plastering choice, as it is naturally low in volatile organic compounds, emitting a much lower amount of harmful chemicals into your home and the environment. Made from lime and marble dust (naturally occurring substances) Venetian plaster creates a smaller eco-footprint as it is created using materials that aren’t known to pollute the environment. 

Durable and easy-to-clean plaster 

If you’re looking for a plastering option that will survive the test of time, Venetian plaster is a must-have. The plaster hardens over time, making it far less resistant to shrinking or cracking, requires less maintenance than regular paint and is easy to keep clean with a wipe over using a damp cloth. It lasts longer and results in less of a need for harsh cleaning chemicals. 

Sustainable plastering to suit your environment 

Living in a hot, humid location like Brisbane? Venetian plaster provides natural insulation, which means a cooler home and less need to reach for the air conditioning remote. This can help reduce your energy usage and, in turn, lower your bills as a bonus. 

Great alternative to paint 

Paint is not a natural product, and the fumes produced by it can be toxic to the environment and your household. The natural materials used to make Venetian plaster are completely odourless and non-toxic, and the finished product doesn’t require any painting. It’s all natural, baby! 

Say goodbye to mould 

That’s right, Venetian plaster is naturally alkaline, acting as a fungicide and making it resistant to mildew and mould growth. Again, this reduces the need for harsh cleaning substances and offers a healthier environment in general for residents and guests in your home. 

When preparing for your next build or renovation, consider sustainable plastering solutions rather than harmful paints and building options that aren’t so eco-friendly. Venetian plaster is an excellent choice, as it ticks all the boxes for a sustainable plastering solution while providing a beautiful, aesthetic look and feel to your home. 

Interested in Venetian plaster for your Brisbane build or reno? Reach out to the friendly team at CRA Construction for more information. 

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