The 3 Main Benefits of Using Venetian Plastering in Your Space


Venetian plastering is a centuries-old plastering technique that is commonly used to bring an air of elegance and luxury into a space. In recent years, it has become an incredibly popular design choice for homes and office spaces.

Originating back to the Roman, Greek, and Egyptian eras, it has always been highly valued for its durable and aesthetically appealing nature (it’s strong and it looks good!). It is created using a mix of powdered lime and crushed marble, both naturally occurring substances, making it an eco-friendlier solution for beautifully finished plastering.

We are pleased to announce the inclusion of Venetian Plastering to our services at CRA Construction, available in many different textures, colours and finishes. While it is an excellent alternative method of plastering in itself, it also introduces a range of benefits to the space it’s being used in. What are the main benefits of using Venetian Plastering? Let’s find out…

3 main benefits of using Venetian Plastering

1. Ideal in bathrooms and high-moisture areas 

This refined method of plastering is perfect for moisture-prone areas such as bathrooms. The elements of Venetian plastering produce a finish that is mould-resistant and has fungicidal and anti-bacterial properties. While Venetian plaster is not waterproof itself, waterproofing can be applied prior to the application of plastering, and sealant can be added to the finished product to protect it from moisture. Mould will find it much harder to move in with Venetian plaster in your home. 

2. Completely non-flammable and provides insulation 

Not only is it perfect for high moisture areas, but it can also be used in spaces with high heat. The natural lime allows the plastering to react well to heat and it is completely non-combustible, allowing for a beautiful feature in kitchens and around fireplaces (this is one of our favourite benefits of using Venetian plastering). It can even be used on benchtops! A natural insulator, Venetian plaster is perfect in humid climates, as it allows moisture to escape through the underlying layer. 

3. Helps with soundproofing 

Finishing your walls with Venetian plastering can provide a peaceful ambience to your space. It is better at absorbing sound than drywall – some musicians even seek out Venetian plaster, claiming that it produces a fuller sound in the room and creates a more tranquil space.

Venetian plastering is the perfect alternative to drywall, and we absolutely love installing it because we know just how much our clients appreciate the outcome. Not only does it look incredible, but it is also often better value for money overall while providing elements of insulation, heat and mould resistance and natural soundproofing.


Are you interested in taking advantage of the benefits of using Venetian plastering in your home or office space?

Contact the friendly team at CRA Construction for a quote today. You’re welcome to stop by our new office to view samples of Venetian plaster in a variety of formats including Resin Stucco (best for bathrooms), Istinto, Tanchino, Stuhhi and Muro. 

Also, as of the time of this article being written, we are on the lookout for a full-time, all-round Plasterer who is interested in learning more about the benefits of using Venetian plastering and the art of applying it in various spaces.

Get in touch with us for more information and to apply. 


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